Arizona & New Mexico Getting Started Garden Guide

Arizona & New Mexico Getting Started Garden Guide helps gardeners in the Southwest become familiar with the many choices of plants adapted to the diverse and sometimes challenging environments in the region. Co-authored with renowned New Mexico horticulturalist Judith Phillips, this books presents profiles of 168 plants, many of which can be grown throughout Arizona and New Mexico. Colorful icons showing the plant characteristics such as native status, sun or shade preferences, attraction to butterflies and hummingbirds and drought resistance help gardeners understand growing conditions and attractions of each plant. The book also contains beautiful color photos of each plant profiled, a map of the Texas gardening zones and special chapters on low water use gardening, lawn replacement and coping with deer. Whether you are a new gardener, new to the southwest or an old hand looking for new ideas the Arizona and New Mexico Getting Started Garden Guide will provide valuable information to help you make or improve your own southwest garden